Irony and Irony news -What it means

What  is irony ? what is irony in figure of speech?

Irony is a figure of speech in which words are used in such a way that their intended meaning is opposite or different from the actual words or intended  communication. Like  a thin guy yelling at someone “ Don’t you see the hulk coming in your way?  Or a short 5 ft  man telling his 7 ft friend  “you need to grow taller in life to not take my help”

There are three types of literary irony
Verbal Irony
Situational Irony
Dramatic Irony

Verbal Irony

It is when words express something contrary to truth or someone says the opposite of what they really feel or mean. Verbal irony is often sarcastic. It is an intentional product of the speaker, and is contradictory to his/her emotions and actions. Like in one of our article we had written a article on trump visit and we are requesting readers not to satire trump.

speakers communicate implied propositions that are intentionally contradictory to the propositions contained in the words themselves.

Ironic similes 

They are a are a form of verbal irony where a speaker intends to communicate the opposite of what they mean. For instance, the following explicit similes begin with the deceptive formation of a statement that means A but that eventually conveys the meaning not A:as soft as concrete,as clear as mud ,as pleasant as a root canal

Types of Verbal Irony

Sarcasm  sarcasm means using irony to make fun of someone. or as an insult. In most cases it literally means saying something but meaning the exact opposite. ,Exaggeration or Overstatement,Understatement The other situational irony we used in one of our article is Christina koch return to earth . We exagggerated her orbital rotations in space to her rounds of hospital.

Examples of verbal irony are Looking at her son’s messy room, Maria says, “Wow, you will be the cleanliness head of your college !” 2.On the way to school, a car owner gets a flat tire and the driver says, “Excellent! This day couldn’t start off any better! 3. In Beauty and the Beast, an animated Disney movie, Belle refuses to marry Gas. ton by saying “I just don’t deserve you!”

 Situational Irony

The second type of irony is situational irony. This is used when a situation does not have the outcome which was expected in the first instance.

Some  Examples of Situational Irony

  • A fire fighter dies in a fire.
    This is unexpected because one would assume the fire chief would keep hisself safe.
  • A doctor is suffering from fever  This is ironic because the expectation is that a doctor who treats ailment will keep himself safe.
  • The police station gets robbed.
    Professionals would be able to help themselves; in this case, by securing their own station.
  • A post on social media complaining how useless social media is.
    This is ironic because one would expect someone who dislikes social media  to stay away from it instead of using it to make their point.

Dramatic Irony

The final type of irony is dramatic irony which is when an audience knows a situation or information which the character is not aware of. In a real-life situation, it is applied when something happens and the person within the situation is unaware of the true reality.

For example, if a person were to say “I am so glad that I wasn’t involved in that accident”, only to be involved in a car accident moments later, it would be referred as dramatic irony.

use of irony

Comic irony: Irony is often used in literature to produce a comic effect. This can be combined with satire. For instance, an author may state something as a well-known fact and then demonstrate through the narrative that the fact is untrue. Great english authours of past has used irony to great length be it Pride adn Prejudice,William Shakespear or in Don Quixote,Socrates 2000 years ago.

Irony and awkwardness

The ’90s saw an expansion of irony from “saying what one doesn’t mean” into a “general stance of detachment from life in general” this detachment serving as a shield against the awkwardness of everyday life.

Millenials who grew up in the 90s,  are seen as having this same sort of detachment from serious or awkward situations in life, as well. Hipsters are thought to use irony as a shield against those same serious or genuine confrontations

Irony and Ironic are they same ?

Ironic  does not mean “funny”“curious” or “interesting”, even though many people think it that way. The most basic element of irony is existence jof opposites like juxtaposition . It’s always about opposites. For example, if someone attempts to do something, but the exact opposite happens instead, that is ironic .She was always afraid of dentists, but then she married one. Isn’t that ironic?Yes it is an example of ironic

What is the meaning of irony in hindi

व्यंग्य, ताना, व्यंगोक्ति ,निन्दा, विडम्बना ,व्याजस्तुति

irony meaning in tamil

முரண் Muraṇ

irony meaning in Telugu

వ్యంగ్యం Vyaṅgyaṁ

irony meaning in marathi

विडंबन, लोखंडासारखाI Viḍambana , उपरोधिक बोलणे

irony meaning in malayalam

വിരോധാഭാസം virēādhābhāsaṁ

irony meaning in bengali

বিদ্রূপ, Bidrūpa

irony meaning in kannada

ವ್ಯಂಗ್ಯ Vyaṅgya

irony meaning in urdu

ستم ظریفی

irony meaning in punjabi

ਵਿਅੰਗਾਤਮਕ Vi’agātamaka

Famous Quotes on irony of life in 2021

one irony of life is all people lie but no one wants to be lied

Worry is the interest you pay on a debt you may not owe

And it was strange, I thought, that sorrow lasts and can make a man look forward to death, but the mood of victory fills a moment and then is over”
― V S Naipaul

“If I had but the time and you had but the brain”
― Lewis Carroll

a tragic irony of life is that we so often achieve success or financial independence after the chief reason for which we sought it has passed away

the supreme irony of life is that hardly anyone gets out of it alive

An educated woman is a worthless woman.”
― Confucius, The Teachings of Confucius

“God is funny, he always maintains the scarcity in life by giving something that you don’t have but then taking away something else that you had.”
― Rohit Dharupta, Third Button

“Sinners judging Sinners, for sinning differently !”
― Sui Ishida

“It is relatively easy to collect information than to collate for use.”
― Subhralin Thakuriatags:

“Lessons on truth are baseless if you fail to hear it and then complicate it with rules for those speak them.”
― Subhralin Thakuria

“Public memory was never short rather always selective.”
― Subhralin Thakuria

“Where does your soul go when you die in Hell?”
― Ursula K. Le Guin, 

“Nobody believes in God like an atheist: “There is no God, and I am His prophet.”

“Hindsight is usually more tragic than helpful.”  Linda S. Godfrey, 

“monotony kills the heart. Ironically, monotony is what keeps the heart working.”― soumeet lanka

Life is too ironic to fully understand it. it takes sadness ot know what happiness is. Noise ot appreciate silence and absence to value presence.

Have not you picked up on the irony of life by now ? Things only just happen when you are not ready . When you are ready, you start trying, and gadamn ifeel like trying right now

why sunset is more colourful than sunrise?it is an irony of life saying sometimes ,good things happen in goodbyes

The simple is always the most complex. the irony of life

There is not enough time in life to worry about there being enough time in life

What is irony news in 2021 ?

Ironically it is intended to create ironical news or report about ironical news .Creating is far easier job than reporting an IRONY. First of all it is too much of stalking other channels . Secondly, it takes our traffic . Hence ,irony news is a creator of News ironies rather than reporter.


who we are ?

It has no we but only I as it is single person endeavour as on date. We are not stories but actual existence means there will be more ironies in the world with us or without us . So, we are just a minute part of IRONY.

Some of our articles published are under different heads are as below.

Irony in politics of india 2021 are as below

Funny political news articles in 2021 India

Irony of indian sports 2021

irony of social life in 2021

irony of bollywood funny stories 2021

Donald Trump latest corona lie update I am immune

Donlad trump has a habit of making those LIES and both sided answers but this time it is something more.


Doland Trump of modi visited india once again in his dream to address his campaign guys 

Donald Trump was on India Visit during last week of Feburary .He did land In Ahemdabad to do beautiful deals for his friend Modi . Thats why whom Trump has already ISO9000 Certified as good friend.

Donald trump remembers india on corona virus task force

 The critical  mission for Trump during India visit was doing a  one day crash course in Kem Cho institute of Maja ma to properly pronounce Kem cho in Indian Gujrati.

In last few meetings in USA,Trump spelled the doom by spelling kem Cho as ‘came cho’ and audience panicked.American Gujjus

While some chinese friends thought he was discussing about some North Korean virus derived from Corona.

Funny Trump intended to practice newly learnt kem cho in front of 100 Mn  Gujaratis.

Because the TRUMP adminsitration believed that kem cho in India will make him perfect American friend of Gujarati to get their Fafadas and Theplas back home in US.

Trump wittily intends to give few tricks of baseball to his Gujarati friends

a planned standup comedy show in the newly built largest stadium of the world as part of INDO-US trade could not happen deal. But the shows were cancelled as Trump thought he is the art and athe artist

Trump orders Hydorxy chloroquine from his Friend Modi

After a few white jokes there is programme for recitations of few shloka ( sanskrit rhymes) of Chanakya Niti on how to rule america .

But Gujjus again started clapping with half theplas in their mouth.

Because Modi is a master planner, he plans so well that the breathing rate also is decided to check corona particles.

Also, audience were checked at the entry gate of the stadium to see their fitment.

Government officials have confirmed about  dhoti wearing ceremony in evening for nationalist Trump. Trump had shared with Modi about his childhood dream of wearing dhoti and chewing Paan leaves wearing dhoti

With beetle leaves in his mouth he performed on Beetle songs ,rapping with Bollywood Pag ghunghru to enthral the audience.

Trump defeats lady gaga in india 2020 tournament

Indians did not miss lady gaga as President gaga them with his beautiful ,best voice America has ever produced.

PMO officials in formerly also informed about about Melania Trump desire to meet Ekta Kapoor ,Netflix of Indian serials .

Because Melania wanted to confirm if Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi is is an Indian myth or is actually a creation by the Goddess herself.

Donald Trump ironically has already declared his India visit as historic and successful.

Ananya Panday joke on Filmfare in lockdown

Strugglers finally saw their champion warrior finally get her much awaited dues for strugggles of her on and off camera life.

But how can anyone forget that the girl was seen struggling in the extreme weather conditions of switzerland during summers last year?

Judges liked the fact that despite her parents struggles to struggle,she hanged in there on those bollywood’s papa ki pari ‘themed parties.Hence ,this award for the newcomer has given a real voice to the struggler community.

‘Yes i can do it ‘ were the only three words she used to chant whenever she had to attend such a party at the terrace of the struggling dance teacher Dr Terrance.

Ananya Panday in corona lockown is missing her parties

Karan johar started crying when he heard name of Ananya and hugged both his kids in happiness. He was so happy to see Ananya struggle to fake her fake emotions.

about ananya panday, about ananya pandey, actress ananya panday, ananya panday missing filmare,ananya panday in corona ,bollywood bakwas
Ananya thinks this is not properly whitewashed building

Karan has decided to keep a family party with Vicky Kaushal of Uri fame to do some high jumps once the pooja function at the family is over.

The biggest struggler of Bollywood has shared the picture of a struggling bollywood star who was seen brooming houses to make her ends meet.

General knowledge on Ananya Panday | Corona is bigg of Modiji being played in summers

Height- 1.7 meters,age -21 years and yes she is hot .Click here for some of the pictures of ananya panday.

Trump India Visit satire and Ire modi government

Donald Trump,POTUS ,the man seems to be in great hurry to garner more attention despite all the attention tsunami which he is flooded with due to his title of USA.

Some kids are born with the overdose of attention ,being right in every possibility of their imagination. This kid is just a 73 years old man.

Kid bullies when he gets attention to put his opposition down. He bullies left when they are right, bullies right when he is wrong.

He bullys the bullies fully knowing that he is the REAL BULLY just like his twitter account. The man is BullyBoy of America.

He just feeds on attention from across the globe. He has only one challenger from the other side of the earth. His ISO 9001 certified Friend Modi.

Modi is the man who knows exactly what his brother Trump is upto . They both fit into each others arms to give mere mortals hollywood emotions of perfect Hug buddies.

Trump often jokes Modi

Chinese Pandas have requested some coaching classes to improve their hug performance. But both guys are too similar in their apporach of dealing with ‘other’ buddies and questioning teachers .

They are into an alliance of mutual back scratches. Indian showcases Trump’s friendship as Jai power of India sharing diases with the mightiest Veeru of World.

Indigenous species are hashished by such visuals assuming India is just there on the cusp of american supremacy.

American gives nothing except for good words of friendship,love ,camardarie and social media appreciation.He uses his best friend popularity and his country’s population as a platform.

These hugs and friendship love helps Trump in LOOKING democratic in photos for the democratic americans. Thereby It makes him acceptable man across the world as the American leader in eyes of White Americans .

This thereby helps him pitch for some decider votes from Indian americans,just in case they are needed.

Good times for the septuagenarian Wonders. Long will live Great America to make India a Vishwaguru.

Donald Trump is best when he knows he is the best.

Hence, Welcome Donald Trump to your buddy’s land of India.

Donald Trump Satire Wall to answer opposition

Trump literally is leaving a mark on lovechild of US government also knows as trump wall. But this man is obsessed with power and media attention to keep him twitter busy.

Trump latest Remarks on Mexican wall – he is luvin it !!

The man knows well to leave his impression on THE wall by simple tools like pen.

Trump did not get approval from the congress for wall fund.Approvals?What approvals?He keeps hearing this word from his nursery class and he has fails to understood it fully .

Thus, he does what he thinks but the problem is of time spent on thinking on anything except for making america aka Trump great again. 

Like his buildings there are openings or holes around white house as well which will keep the system running.

The guy just extended the national emergecny ON US Mexico border wall which is going to cost him nothing and America just few billions .

Trump thinks that it is now supremely judicious considering the onset of Corona guys. That is why wall in & all problems out is what his economically stable mind sees when he is intropecting hearing Jazz.

Cant we, therefore, trust This true son of god who wanted to make america great even before his landing on earth.

Trump thinks he is Son of God

trump political satire, latest political funny news on donald trump, news article funny on donald trump, corona virus latest updates. corona virus trump latest wall announcements..
3o ft border wall in corona days

No sooner had he LANDED on America soil ,his mother could hear chants of Lets make america great .Such is the passion of the man to make great beautfiul lovely walls.

Some wise guys said never elect a construction guy as your country head else he will be good in making walls,roads and stories. Some of these wonderful stories will haunt you back as LIES with special branding for The POTUS.

As his lies keep coming so often, truths think that should have a morality change surgery . Now Truth aspires to be a trump lie in his regime in these times.

So, America will never forget itself for such a supreme BEING landing on its soil with SUCH reality distortion syndrome .

As you know he believes that Corona is a HOAX of democrats now it seems to be HAUNTED reality for the GOT winner in politiics.

Hence, these things happen when magician becomes the owner of the circus. Things start disappearing at will without accountability.

He is caught between love and choice. Donald Trump wall is his love and making america great again is his choice.

IPL 2020 comedy RCB finds solution for the trophy


the fever of IPL 2020 has crossed 104 F and is not out .RCB has changed its logo and Jersey design in order to divert the effectiveness of the inswings from planet Saturn and duck the extreme pace of Mars .

Sani and Mangal is what Indians call them. They create complication when they are heavy on thers due to lack of scientific astrolgogical treatments.  

RCB team management of IPL 2020  had the option of finding a astrology driven solution or believe on team coach to do a vodoo black magic from black caps member Simon Katch.

 Virat Kohli like a true professional wanted the practice of toss to decide.

But after much discussion finally Indian Indian traditions prevailed considering its effectiveness in each new inititatives from Vedic times.

Official astrologer Baba Bengully of the Gully boy looks predicted that yellow is causing the problem and it needs to replaced by a yellow but costlier than the last one. He suggested the golden yellow .

He chanted “yellow yellow,treat the dirty fellow” for 101 times and we immediately saw a big change .

Lion also returned back from the caves of Africa after completing his shooting schedules of  Disney productions The Lion king.

Cricket specific Yagna was done wearing  new jersey with all team members chanting “om ipl aaye namoh, om ipl aaye namoh” meaning the god of cricket shower us the IPL.

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RCB logo 2020

Tendulkar replied Best of luck  RCB for IPL 2020.

Donald Trump on Valentine Day satire


Satire News: In a latest love words for Donald Trump, few of the American generals are showering their love with full PDA. Most Of them are worried about his dealing skills  in Ukraine saga where the hunter was not hunted and biden is still to be kept in his Den.  Ukraine saga was a truth which was not proven but found its way of settling down in right thinking minds .

Generals are firing volleys of love and appreciation with full scale and intensity for his fake news attempt on Ukraine and Impeachment thing.

Few generals in the ranks of Alexanders and Kellys don’t like the fact that Trump is incoherently twisting even the Trump lies as fake news. This has led many war veterns to doubt trump excellence as a barometer for measuring verified but personal truth. Lies about lies makes it a actual truth . Seems Trump is in catch 22 dilemma.

 Such mistakes in a consistent well managed false narrative of nationalism and xenophobia is a lie opener for the trump administration.

Such a mistaken act of trustfulness is really confusing americans on what not to believe. So far their hearts and minds knew to work at two different fronts dealing Trump but Kidneys have begun to complain on the new developments on Ukraine and trial stuff.

Nancy the shredder is again at her shredding best the pieces of lies to enact likes of Renee or Marlyn. Sometimes act becomes becomes bigger than the actor. Shredders got a new voice from the lady.

Meanwhile Twitter has started verified profiles to turn yellow from blue for fake news propagators.Followers of trump are trending yellow screens on twitter.

Trump shared some pictures on Valentine day on this link

Trump Valentine gifts”deal of the century” Satire


Satire Story:Donald Trump offered the “deal of the century” on Valentine day. Trump administration came out with guidelines for this beautiful, lovely deal for individuals across globe applying for US citizenships.

The first preconditon in the deal mentions eligibilty to aliens only with 2 times divorce history. Trump thinks that this will bring more emotional stability to American society struggling with drugs abuse and gun culture.

There is also special on arrival permanent residents status to couples with 3 times divorce history.

Trump  administration hopes to make the great american economy greatest by boosting legal consulting business with more divorce cases. These divorced couples are expected to be opinion leaders for americans still with no divorce or marriages till now .

Howerver ,when the legal experts carefully read the proposal it was clear that the rules are too tough even going by Trump standards of greatness.

All the applicants are expected to give consent to reply at least to 50% of the tweets by Trump. 91% foreigners gave up considering the tough conditions of the deal. Most of them thought even Trump could not do it without Russian guys.

Only 9 % of the applied canddiates decided to continue the application process with the hope of some russian intrusions or some black sheep of white house to leak the details of team tweeting for trump.

The balance 9 percent is also expected to opt out due to the last condition of repeating “lets make America great again 5 times a day”

Democrats have criticised the trump administration for double speak on citizenship rules.

North Korean leader kim Jong un Funny Man Satire

North Korean leader kim Jong Un rubbed his tiery red eyes to make them deadly red after couple of foul news entered his nose in a matter of few hours.

It is a honest fake news that prudent Korean dictator uses limited organs in a day for saving already dried up North Korean resources .

Monday being rest day for his restive ears ,Kim used his predatory nose to pick the smelling news of Parasite winning Oscars .The matters took the bloody turn when he realized that it was made by South Koreans.

He for a micro moment was a Paulo Cohelo hero thinking “whole world is conspiring to let me achieve what i badly want.Parasites and Jokers are winning Prizes, the time is not long when KIM will be the WORLD king.

Heaviness of real life parasites making this bloody film and winning oscars had a nuclear effect on his light head. His mind with short hairs and high tempers was unable to adjust to the shock .

Kim jong Un eyes turned red

He asked his minister with the best tongue to arrange a meeting with top 10 movie directors within one hour.

Minister going by his experience,contacts and fair understanding of what is at risk for him, was able to do it in exactly 39 minutes.

Lonely Kim Jong came in his white half pants carrying a black cat. He shouted with a 30 degree angled grin of a disciplined school boy wearing specs and short tie “how many of you think you are a parasite?”

All heads were down and silent except the one.

All people heard later were screams,gun shots , a cat with a director for the a movie for coming Oscars.

Kind and empathetic Jong asked portraits of these 9 film directors to be put in museum for their crying skills at the time of their death

Also the other odd news which disturbed his morning eyelid hairstyle was even more odourful. Today Trump has cancelled his meeting with Kim.

Tiered Donald Trump on twitter looking for some media attention by cancelling summit level meet.

It was too much for a ‘short’ Kim to look further small in his own tiny liitle eyes .

But His mocking nose laughed at him that day whenever he saw himself in the mirror

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Brothers from different mothers Kim Jong and Trump , Un latest news

Furious KIM pressed everything he could get in his room by his tiny ,steady fingers.Thankfully the hairdresser was changing waters for Jong’s hair cut.

Alarm bells from the silent table were already pressed . The whole country could hear their heart beat for this alarming BELL news.

Lucky hairdresser was immediately given just a Trump look for being an omen to Kim. And his Pictures of the Trump styled hairdresser was circulated in North korean schools.

National level school competition was invited for the budding Michelangelos. They were supposed to paint “the hair dresser in a trump look cutting Kim jong’s hairs”.

The winning picture would be sent to coal hearted Donald Trump in white House . It will be the part of arts and cultural exchange program as discussed in their last summit .

This the generosity and empathy of kim in these times of parasites and Jokers is of a new level. It is hard to believe naysayers who say “North Korean leader kim Jong Unn is a threat to the world.”