North Korean leader kim Jong un Funny Man

North Korean leader kim Jong Un rubbed his tiery red eyes to make them deadly red after couple of foul news entered his nose in a matter of few hours.

It is a honest fake news that prudent Korean dictator uses limited organs in a day for saving already dried up North Korean resources .

Monday being rest day for his restive ears ,Kim used his predatory nose to pick the smelling news of Parasite winning Oscars .The matters took the bloody turn when he realized that it was made by South Koreans.

He for a micro moment was a Paulo Cohelo hero thinking “whole world is conspiring to let me achieve what i badly want.Parasites and Jokers are winning Prizes, the time is not long when KIM will be the WORLD king.

Heaviness of real life parasites making this bloody film and winning oscars had a nuclear effect on his light head. His mind with short hairs and high tempers was unable to adjust to the shock .

Kim jong Un eyes turned red

He asked his minister with the best tongue to arrange a meeting with top 10 movie directors within one hour.

Minister going by his experience,contacts and fair understanding of what is at risk for him, was able to do it in exactly 39 minutes.

Lonely Kim Jong came in his white half pants carrying a black cat. He shouted with a 30 degree angled grin of a disciplined school boy wearing specs and short tie “how many of you think you are a parasite?”

All heads were down and silent except the one.

All people heard later were screams,gun shots , a cat with a director for the a movie for coming Oscars.

Kind and empathetic Jong asked portraits of these 9 film directors to be put in museum for their crying skills at the time of their death

Also the other odd news which disturbed his morning eyelid hairstyle was even more odourful. Today Trump has cancelled his meeting with Kim.

Tiered Donald Trump on twitter looking for some media attention by cancelling summit level meet.

It was too much for a ‘short’ Kim to look further small in his own tiny liitle eyes .

But His mocking nose laughed at him that day whenever he saw himself in the mirror

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Brothers from different mothers Kim Jong and Trump , Un latest news

Furious KIM pressed everything he could get in his room by his tiny ,steady fingers.Thankfully the hairdresser was changing waters for Jong’s hair cut.

Alarm bells from the silent table were already pressed . The whole country could hear their heart beat for this alarming BELL news.

Lucky hairdresser was immediately given just a Trump look for being an omen to Kim. And his Pictures of the Trump styled hairdresser was circulated in North korean schools.

National level school competition was invited for the budding Michelangelos. They were supposed to paint “the hair dresser in a trump look cutting Kim jong’s hairs”.

The winning picture would be sent to coal hearted Donald Trump in white House . It will be the part of arts and cultural exchange program as discussed in their last summit .

This the generosity and empathy of kim in these times of parasites and Jokers is of a new level. It is hard to believe naysayers who say “North Korean leader kim Jong Unn is a threat to the world.”

Watch JOJO RABBIT to check if you are jojo of your times

jojo rabbit movie funny review

JOJO RABBIT  should be the first actual AAA rated kids film to be strictly shown to adults without the supervision of any smart kid like JOJO. Kid in the film is way more matured than the modern day ultra smart capitalists,investors,leadors,billionaires,tech wizards etc etc without much idea of RIGHT thing to do.

 Film is beautifully humours ,like humurously humorous that even Hitler looks funny for the millionth time due to his quarter of the moustache looks. Hilter obviously must have been either too confused or too attention seeking individual during those time .How else SOMOENE have his moustache in HITLERISH way to exactly look Hitler

Hitler is the greatest villain of 20th century REAL WORLD productions in a movie called HOLOCAUST in 1940s The irony of this real world movie is that the Villain gets all the attention till date while Jojos live and die unknown,normal life without historical history.

Adolf in the movie tells our JOJO when he is initially ridiculed,fallen,dejected,failure in not able to kill even tiny rabbit  “Let me give you some really good advice. Be the rabbit. The humble bunny can outwit all of his enemies. He’s brave, and sneaky, and strong. Be the rabbit.”

 People used to say a lot of nasty things about me. “Oh, this guy’s a lunatic. Oh, look at that psycho, he’s going to get us all killed”

These two dialogues from Adolf Hitler to jojo makes him JOJO to attain character in the film. I mean Hitler must have had  great sense of RELATABILITY that  even a 10 year old jojo goes on to become JOJO RABBIT.

Lead Character JOJO in the film is symbolism of those common good men who DID the RIGHT THING despite all hysteria,confusions,weaknesses,fears. Not all RIGHT thinking individuals become great names in history specially when HIEL HITLER is already creating history for the world.

Rosie The mother of JOJO is a dynamic character with the imagination of looking into the eyes of the tiger without the fear and thus defining her idea of womanhood.

Rosie, the Mother, is an anti Nazi ,anti War who is  satirical in pulling JOJO’s legs to make herself feel more young,lively and hopeful about life and future .She knew JOJO was way taller in thoughts than his height or age of the times  and hence discussions need to be more childish more for her than him.

Rosie says love is the strongest thing in the world to CAPTAIN JOJO .It was more of her individual emotional outflow of her idea than communicating concept of love to a 10 year kid.Kind of shows her feeling for jojo and her husband.

Rosie (who has lost a daughter who was Elsa’s friend ) tells Elsa Jew girl, whom she has kept secretly in her house at the risk of being caught ,tortured and hanged which she was, for other reasons 

“ Hope.That your only remaining child is not just another ghost”.

Shows her attitude towards life on two fronts of world view of RIGHT/NAZI view and the responsibilities of being a mother

Elsa(a jewish ‘ghost’ girl around 5 years elder to JOJO) and JOJO iniital interaction revolves mostly around how common Germans were ill misinformed about JEWS and ghost stories of Jews as understood by JOJO in JOJO RABBIT

Portrayal of vulnerabilites of characters in the movie is so surreal and dialogues are satirical with that perfect timing that you will relate to those characters without feeling pity,love or hate for the characters.

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You will be living their lives without getting stuck with their characters.The softner between you and the characters are greatly timely pointed funny like funny dialogues. Those beautiful lines will not let you stick to the characters problems in life in this film.

Some movies give entertainment,some give you information,some surprise you with their stories,technology, scale,dialogues,twists and turns etc.This is a normal average film and yet being special for the message and times of our society. JOJO RABBIT will tell about 1940s Germans and Jews in a light hearted way without feeling good or bad about characters of the film. WATCH JOJO RABBIT only if you are a young ADULT else Grownup KIDS watch Avengers,Avtars and many more for the fun.

Such unknown JOJOs in life bring out beauty of life when you are in a confused hysteria or unsure about future or ignorant about current times or when you want to look for positives around you.JOKER had his vulnerabilities and JOJO has his own.Approaches to life are different since the times and characters are different. Check if you are JOKER OR JOJO.

The qualities and weaknesses of our little jojo makes him JOJO.JOJO RABBIT is A Superb film with normal characters enacted by great actors to keep the normalcy and weaknesses or strengths of those times.

Go Watch JOJO Rabbit .Do the RIGHT thing. Let everything happen to you Beauty and terror Just keep going No feeling is final .When you are free you will dance like Elsa and jojo. Welcome to jojo club.