Ranbir kapoor Alia Bhatt Marriage : Rishi kapoor Tribute

Ranbir Kapoor Alia bhatt

Rishi Kapoor tribute:Ranbir kapoor Alia bhatt marriage adventures has been the fodder for bollywood paparazzis for inumerable weekends now.

But our sources have confirmed that Ranbir has intentionally leaked his marriage date with Alia Bhatt to garner some media attention for his upcoming movie.

This confirmed movie does have unconfirmed ‘muhurat’ shot 3 yrs back .He, anyways , being a Rockstar is done doing enough Kun fayas fighting innocent Kung Fu s from hollywood.

He has strategically faked marriage in the past with likes of Deepika,Katrina and many unknown bushes who dont want to expose bollywood with budding UV lights of struggling actors like Ananya.

Rishi kapoor being the father of the groom was worried and tensed fully knowing his son. After 5 pegs he had a man to man talk with Ranbir about incoming woman . He wrote below letter expecting him to read it later which read as:

Dear Ranbir,

Hope you are doing fine after my 5 pegs. though I am drunk ,hope you are not for alia story. You already are living on a high 35th floor in wonderful amchi Mumbai ,don’t seek more ‘highs’ like karan’s house party having a new low for bollywood.

Beta, wanted to check with you “Are you sure this girl is the final one ?

knowing already that you are Kejriwal of Kapoor Khandaan ,you will be sure on odd days and doubtful on even day.

I and Nitu are ‘mummy kasam‘ sure about your kejriwal diaries found in your drawers. We know of your odd even marriage plans when you had a party last night at karan’s house.

We, as parents, managed on past few occasions as your victims were foreign expatriates from london. Luckily and some had sporting family taking the game of love with a sporting ‘spirits‘.

This time we have a far deadly species to deal with as your proposed future in law .THE MAN has made films like Jakhm,Dushman, ,Raaz jism,murder and many more films which are violent and emotionally disturbing .

If you give him a jakhm you will be his dushman and he will share your jism for murder. So avoid playing games of Harmones with his daughter.

I am 100 percent sure this man will have many more such scripts in mind to produce if something goes wrong with his daughter.

I don’t want any new films on our family .

Rishi kapoor tribute in corona days for his cheerfulness .

Mahesh ji has an uncanny ability of making hit films and trust me, we dont want to get credits for his next hit.

Bhatt sahib is a nice chap but he is too slippery with his tounge. But His words sometimes tend to fall off from my ears. So, will request you to know ifs and buts before saying yes to BHATTs .

Considering how funny I am,hope you are sure to have this kind of FATHER IN LAW . Always remember Bhatt sahib brings his personal Jakhm on camera and showcases to the world after editing it.

India will miss Rishi for our MULK

I might tell him a bad joke which probably can offend him.Do we have a plan if he decides to make a ‘murder’ series if my joke offends him.

You can consult gossips master naughty Karan Johar to enhance your media image. He must have  already broken the news to you and paparazzi about your proposed marriage plans.

Karan is at his cosmic best such purity in fake smiles and honesty in lying in his press interactions.

His media friendly diplomatic communication is the talk of embassies across the globe. Indian goverment seeks his guidance on certain critical foreign ministry deadlocks . As karan says no to countries yet sounding like yes.

Learn it to blabber from the master. kuch kuch hota hai ,tum nahi samjhoge ranbir. Your father ,Rishi Chintu Kapoor…….

Ranbir exaperates on reading this long emotionally draining mail and loced the drunk sender for forever in his memory.

In the meantime, he is lost on Rabir kapoor alia bhatt jurno drama . Long live the departed soul before enacting it in real life.

Watch JOJO RABBIT to check if you are jojo of your times

jojo rabbit movie funny review

JOJO RABBIT  should be the first actual AAA rated kids film to be strictly shown to adults without the supervision of any smart kid like JOJO. Kid in the film is way more matured than the modern day ultra smart capitalists,investors,leadors,billionaires,tech wizards etc etc without much idea of RIGHT thing to do.

 Film is beautifully humours ,like humurously humorous that even Hitler looks funny for the millionth time due to his quarter of the moustache looks. Hilter obviously must have been either too confused or too attention seeking individual during those time .How else SOMOENE have his moustache in HITLERISH way to exactly look Hitler

Hitler is the greatest villain of 20th century REAL WORLD productions in a movie called HOLOCAUST in 1940s The irony of this real world movie is that the Villain gets all the attention till date while Jojos live and die unknown,normal life without historical history.

Adolf in the movie tells our JOJO when he is initially ridiculed,fallen,dejected,failure in not able to kill even tiny rabbit  “Let me give you some really good advice. Be the rabbit. The humble bunny can outwit all of his enemies. He’s brave, and sneaky, and strong. Be the rabbit.”

 People used to say a lot of nasty things about me. “Oh, this guy’s a lunatic. Oh, look at that psycho, he’s going to get us all killed”

These two dialogues from Adolf Hitler to jojo makes him JOJO to attain character in the film. I mean Hitler must have had  great sense of RELATABILITY that  even a 10 year old jojo goes on to become JOJO RABBIT.

Lead Character JOJO in the film is symbolism of those common good men who DID the RIGHT THING despite all hysteria,confusions,weaknesses,fears. Not all RIGHT thinking individuals become great names in history specially when HIEL HITLER is already creating history for the world.

Rosie The mother of JOJO is a dynamic character with the imagination of looking into the eyes of the tiger without the fear and thus defining her idea of womanhood.

Rosie, the Mother, is an anti Nazi ,anti War who is  satirical in pulling JOJO’s legs to make herself feel more young,lively and hopeful about life and future .She knew JOJO was way taller in thoughts than his height or age of the times  and hence discussions need to be more childish more for her than him.

Rosie says love is the strongest thing in the world to CAPTAIN JOJO .It was more of her individual emotional outflow of her idea than communicating concept of love to a 10 year kid.Kind of shows her feeling for jojo and her husband.

Rosie (who has lost a daughter who was Elsa’s friend ) tells Elsa Jew girl, whom she has kept secretly in her house at the risk of being caught ,tortured and hanged which she was, for other reasons 

“ Hope.That your only remaining child is not just another ghost”.

Shows her attitude towards life on two fronts of world view of RIGHT/NAZI view and the responsibilities of being a mother

Elsa(a jewish ‘ghost’ girl around 5 years elder to JOJO) and JOJO iniital interaction revolves mostly around how common Germans were ill misinformed about JEWS and ghost stories of Jews as understood by JOJO in JOJO RABBIT

Portrayal of vulnerabilites of characters in the movie is so surreal and dialogues are satirical with that perfect timing that you will relate to those characters without feeling pity,love or hate for the characters.

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You will be living their lives without getting stuck with their characters.The softner between you and the characters are greatly timely pointed funny like funny dialogues. Those beautiful lines will not let you stick to the characters problems in life in this film.

Some movies give entertainment,some give you information,some surprise you with their stories,technology, scale,dialogues,twists and turns etc.This is a normal average film and yet being special for the message and times of our society. JOJO RABBIT will tell about 1940s Germans and Jews in a light hearted way without feeling good or bad about characters of the film. WATCH JOJO RABBIT only if you are a young ADULT else Grownup KIDS watch Avengers,Avtars and many more for the fun.

Such unknown JOJOs in life bring out beauty of life when you are in a confused hysteria or unsure about future or ignorant about current times or when you want to look for positives around you.JOKER had his vulnerabilities and JOJO has his own.Approaches to life are different since the times and characters are different. Check if you are JOKER OR JOJO.

The qualities and weaknesses of our little jojo makes him JOJO.JOJO RABBIT is A Superb film with normal characters enacted by great actors to keep the normalcy and weaknesses or strengths of those times.

Go Watch JOJO Rabbit .Do the RIGHT thing. Let everything happen to you Beauty and terror Just keep going No feeling is final .When you are free you will dance like Elsa and jojo. Welcome to jojo club.