Pornography is a menace so is Dennis: Satire

irony news

Humour NEWS :Pornography is menace, we are working to curb it announced one of the government ministers.This news has sent shockwaves higher than Tsunami of 2004.

Social scientists have joined ‘art of leaving’ such complicated issues of freedom,sex and porn seekers . Teeenegers were seen looking for hard drives like Zombies.

Youths were seen praying to get enough strength and time to prepare them for the hardships of future without porn. Moms were wiping tears of these hungry porn warriors by their pallus.

Fathers were seen running door to door for hard drives to secure their child’s future. Last time when commotion and confusion of this level happened was over discontinuation of videos from hello friends,chai pi lo aunty on tiktok

Sudden surge for hard drives urges have led to crashing down of servers of Flipkart,Amazon in India. People with less memory hard drives were seen memorising various lessons of leones,Khalifas,Daniels .


They want to embed these beautiful life changing memories forever till their last breath.

Boys in the entire country were scratching their body parts such as  hands, heads,balls  and pressing stress ball infrequently.

Reporters have heard painful moans of remorse, rudali coming especially from their hostels.

Some boys are still unable to understand this harsh inhumane depressing decision of banning innocent and beautiful science of learning arts ,motions and sound

.As per youth wing activist “There is no such beautiful science as Pornography where a student learns about various complex private body parts in hearing mindblowing beethoven moans at different frequencies with application of Newton laws to the human body.

Such a vast relevant subject of pornography has been strenghting concepts of physics,biology and geographies of millions of youths across india. We will urge government to reconsider its policy on pornography.”

One of the Hollywood enthusiast  said “if  Pornography is a menace and should be banned ,why the hell Dennis,who also is the menace,still continuing in India?

Government has singal point agenda of depriving our kids the greatest subject of humanity by preventing emancipation by pornography ”.


Sunny Deol in Bollywood : satire on court verdicts


Satire:Sunny Deol of Bollywood stood up angrily covering his face by his world famous 2.5 kgs hand as the news about court defering execution date of Nirbhaya rapist flashed on TV .

Although Indian statisics deparmtent later confirmed that his hand now weigh 3.5 kgs.The court verdict has brought back his bollywood memory of Damini days.

Not so funny Sunny was so angered that he just called himself on his alternate number to confirm to producer of Tarikh pe Tarik film

He told himself “My current mental state has the perfect mixture of anger and temper required to give a Oscar like performance for Tarikh pe Tarikh scene.

Bollywood hero thinks that the set itself will catch fire due to his anger on camera. Experienced Australian and American firemen have already been booked to control the fire on film set. As a precaution, he has also already informed the forest and fire department for the shoot

Taran Adarsh was informed about Damini remake news by Deol’s domestic help Ramu .Kilos of rage and anger on Ramu’s face while enacting Sunny Deol state of mind clarified everything.

Taran tweeted “After Tarikh pe tarikh new scene in Sunny’s current mood, Sunny Deol of Bollywood and 7 generations of Hollywood won’t have any any such film to film .”

Industry experts fear that this bollywood film collections might impact the universe economy by 12 percent. Mars guys are landing on moon to see Sunny news on earth.

Trump it seems has dialled his close friend Imran trying to understand the scale of damage to pakistan economy due to Gadar.

Imran told “Our current economy is still unable to recover from Sunny Deol’s Gadar visit last time, that is why we expect some american aid.”

Bear Grylls Man Vs Wild Rajnikant funny fans Satire

Grylls grilled like bear

Satire:After a successful Man ki Baat with PM Modi, Bear Grylls was more than ‘Rajni’ percent sure that his shooting with Rajnikant would be as smooth as Thalaiva’s dialogues.

Rajni had already rehearsed with Modi for each frames,angles matching ‘Bear Grylls with modi soap opera.

Modi had privately informed Rajni that till now he himself is searching on quora about how Bear Grylls managed to perfectly understand my hindi and answer in english.

As per Modi’s man ki baat ,Bear is third best performer for camera only after him and Rajni.Modi chirped”in this era of technology,chronology samajhiye”

Bear Grylls unknowingly tested fans of Rajni by tweeting Rajnikant as a bollywood star.

Within fraction of nanoseconds,Twitter server went down,facebook was looking for google’s help and google was looking for Rajni help to calm down temperature over the internet.

Nature and tamilians across billions of galaxies just could not ‘bear’ it. Twitter bird disappeared from twitter, google was oogling without its g and facebook f was seen saving its lower half.

Things came to normalcy only when Anna flashed his black goggles in Rajni style hinting fans to calm down.

Grylls did bear spicy tweets dipped deep into rasham with few trolls topping it with meme vadas and jif idlis made specially for him.

Chitti was asked by Anna to save bear by spreading fake news about Bear Grylls death.

Having tasted traditional tamilian trolling with special south indian tweets ,Bear Grylls was seen pouring milk on Rajni anna digital picture.

Camera and Bear,the camerman’s condition improved after Rajnikant picture started dancing on mukkala mukkabala song as milk entered into camera processors.

Bollywood films like Bala and Ujda chaman were made as a tribute to Thalaiva hair style.This satiated Rajni fans still recovering from indigestion due to tweet of Grylls on Rajni.

Grylls now is dead sure that all bald men are Thalaiva fans copying Rajni hair style.

Lastly,Rajnikant tweeted “Unforgettable experience”with Bear Grylls smirking and fully understanding his man ki baat.

Donald Trump latest news is Trump loves hot Satire and wants to eat Aam

Donald Trump latest news is Trump loves hot

Donald Trump latest news is Trump loves hot be it hot temper,deals ,economy,ladies or even dogs.Taking forward his US presidential campaign, Trump has just announced today ‘USA Economy is hottest on earth’. Mother of climate change Greta Thunberg immediately tweeted “How Dare you hurt my grandma earth? Leaders like you are responsible for earth warming by often using such hot words”. She hopes that Donald Trump is immediately impeached by no lessser than UN for increasing body temperature of ailing grandma earth.

Adam Smith spirit has came back from his coffin once he heard holy word HOTTEST ECONOMY. He just could not wait to measure the exact parameter for this new economics.He thinks his The Wealth of Nations is just like a thank you note for economist Trump. Smith was seen already praying to Jesus to give him a second life to be the disciple of the master.

Hearing the news of hottest economy, a 6 ft boa was found in living room trying to make sense of how Trump managed to change the parameters of temperature to economics. ‘This guy must be abnormal to be so normal in creating abnormalities’ were his first thoughts while doing rounds of the couch in the house .

CNN also reported about a man jumping off his feat once he was told the impact of this hottest economy news . His watch of $345.97 in 1974 is now valued at over $400,000. He wanted to kiss Donald trump’s hand in his thoughts. Trump did not allow even that tagging mexico prime minister.

Meanwhile Donald Trump latest news reporters suggest that hot Ivanka tweeted “My whole family including my dad,mom,my kids have contributed their share of hotness to make the American economy Hottest on earth. We have sacrified so much for America.Feeling hot ,hot,hot,thanks dad for having us in US”

Adnan Sami Song wins him Padma Bhushan and Satire looses

ATTACHMENT DETAILS adnan-sami-padma-bhusan-modi-political-satire

Satire:Adnan Sami Song Mujh ko bhi lift kara de ,is a hit song since 20 years ,has helped Non Pakistani Resident(NPR)of India win Padma Bhushan .His prayers for his upliftment has been asnwered by our government when he got Padma Bhushan.

He was bit sad though as he did not get dollars or pound originally requsted in LIFT song.He felt slightly left out as he was not given gold or diamonds as per the lyrics

Adnan thanked Modi for the award as Modi,who was himself lifted first as CM and now PM,was sure this lift song had a role in his increased career growth.

Modi felt that Adnan Sami and he has a cosmic LIFT connection when they met in lift.

Adnan Sami has been sourced from pakistan,modified in India only to be consumed around the world. Pakistan can actually look to be a china in world’s art and music industry by assembling such raw talents and exporting to the world. The erstwhile pakistani,Sami celebrated the news with few moves and steps on the viral tum toh thehre pardeshi ‘by altaf raza .

Pakistan government has announced 3 day national mourning for pain in pakistanis kidneys incurred by this Padma announcement for hit Adnan Sami Song.

Meanwhile,Justin Bieber tagged Ivanka ‘daddys girl’ Trump for Grammy Awards. He tweeted his own name for America’s Padma Bhushan to lead the world in globalised music industry.

Non Pakistani Resident of India, NPR’s wife twitted “Thank you for best wishes ,my fellow countrymen”. Pakistanis have not particularly liked it and reacted by eploding two bombs which just made foos foos sounds with green smoke.

Adnan did a KIRIT SOMAIYA when asked about his first reaction on hearing the news and his message to his erstwhile pakistani family. He just told “maine jabab de diya hai”

His song has lifted him finally and we hope that he keeps lifting people by many more such hits from world famous collections of Adnan Sami songs