Sunny Deol funny Bollywood satire on court verdict


Satire:Sunny Deol of Bollywood stood up angrily covering his face by his world famous 2.5 kgs hand as the news about court defering execution date of Nirbhaya rapist flashed on TV .

Although Indian statisics deparmtent later confirmed that his hand now weigh 3.5 kgs.The court verdict has brought back his bollywood memory of Damini days.

Not so funny Sunny was so angered that he just called himself on his alternate number to confirm to producer of Tarikh pe Tarik film

He told himself “My current mental state has the perfect mixture of anger and temper required to give a Oscar like performance for Tarikh pe Tarikh scene.

Bollywood hero thinks that the set itself will catch fire due to his anger on camera. Experienced Australian and American firemen have already been booked to control the fire on film set. As a precaution, he has also already informed the forest and fire department for the shoot

Taran Adarsh was informed about Damini remake news by Deol’s domestic help Ramu .Kilos of rage and anger on Ramu’s face while enacting Sunny Deol state of mind clarified everything.

Taran tweeted “After Tarikh pe tarikh new scene in Sunny’s current mood, Sunny Deol of Bollywood and 7 generations of Hollywood won’t have any any such film to film .”

Industry experts fear that this bollywood film collections might impact the universe economy by 12 percent. Mars guys are landing on moon to see Sunny news on earth.

Trump it seems has dialled his close friend Imran trying to understand the scale of damage to pakistan economy due to Gadar.

Imran told “Our current economy is still unable to recover from Sunny Deol’s Gadar visit last time, that is why we expect some american aid.”

Subramanian Swamy Corona cure connects Vedas


Twitter bird went mad when ‘Dr Subramanian swamy corona cure’ started trending as he offered multiple Hindu cures directly taken from Vedas for corona virus .Dr swamy said he got this wisdom while dreaming in Mandarin,his favourite langauge.He has often quoted his sleepwalk sessions with President Xi on solving Indo China chowmein problems and supply of cheap momos  by China without custom clearances.

Subramanian swamy on twitter announced ” While i was sleeping in Rahul Gandhis’minds,a panda contacted me in my dreams. Since I am the only available source of knowledge as per UN Declarations, I concluded that this is the Kung Fu Panda. I could see same shades of hair and same number of eyes, legs ”

But Dr Swamy could smell that this Panda is talking in vedic english while pausing with chinese commas, punctuations. Our global hindu encylopedia of rationalism was clear this panda was grilled in past life and has been in company of bears. Hence ,he must be none other than Bear Grylls were his last thoughts as per his latest tweets.

Both shared their ‘wild’ life stories through their Man ki baat platform on many topics including vedic economics ,hindu cure and crush of their lives ,Modi. Dr swamy soon realising that time is limited. He immediately announced the following cure to end Corona.

  1. Don’t give too much of media attention to corona. It feeds on publicity and dies with rumours. Spread the news that corona is just a Chinese whispers.
  2. To curb the global impact, increase the taxes to 200% on everything from China.It may be a chinese gameplan to ruin world economy.
  3. Follow nationalist Donald Trump and build a 10 ft high wall across Himalayas to stop corona intrusion from Siachin route.
  4. Breathe looking west to avoid being recognised by Corona guys.
  5. No income tax for citizens in Budget.They will be busy with their lives with the news and corona will be out of mind.Look back to no.1 cure

Tweets are pouring in from across the galaxies for the enlightened wisdom only found in vedic Subramanian Swamy to find the panacea of asia by giving the world a hindu cure to chinese corona.

Donald Trump latest news is Trump loves hot

Donald Trump latest news is Trump loves hot

Donald Trump latest news is Trump loves hot be it hot temper,deals ,economy,ladies or even dogs.Taking forward his US presidential campaign, Trump has just announced today ‘USA Economy is hottest on earth’. Mother of climate change Greta Thunberg immediately tweeted “How Dare you hurt my grandma earth? Leaders like you are responsible for earth warming by often using such hot words”. She hopes that Donald Trump is immediately impeached by no lessser than UN for increasing body temperature of ailing grandma earth.

Adam Smith spirit has came back from his coffin once he heard holy word HOTTEST ECONOMY. He just could not wait to measure the exact parameter for this new economics.He thinks his The Wealth of Nations is just like a thank you note for economist Trump. Smith was seen already praying to Jesus to give him a second life to be the disciple of the master.

Hearing the news of hottest economy, a 6 ft boa was found in living room trying to make sense of how Trump managed to change the parameters of temperature to economics. ‘This guy must be abnormal to be so normal in creating abnormalities’ were his first thoughts while doing rounds of the couch in the house .

CNN also reported about a man jumping off his feat once he was told the impact of this hottest economy news . His watch of $345.97 in 1974 is now valued at over $400,000. He wanted to kiss Donald trump’s hand in his thoughts. Trump did not allow even that tagging mexico prime minister.

Meanwhile Donald Trump latest news reporters suggest that hot Ivanka tweeted “My whole family including my dad,mom,my kids have contributed their share of hotness to make the American economy Hottest on earth. We have sacrified so much for America.Feeling hot ,hot,hot,thanks dad for having us in US”

Republic day song ‘Ek country thi diwani si’ funny bollywood news satire


India woke up on 26th January with Republic day song with a Bollywood connection “Ek country thi diwani si,ek consitution pe wo marti thi” literally meaning that There was a lovely country which fell in love for its constitution. I could exactly hear ShahRukh Khan in YRF’s Mohattein delivering the famous line of the film.

The surprising news though was twitter trend “China and UAE searching for Indian constitution”. When our reporter contacted Aladin Moderfker of aggresive ‘Tum bak tu’ Land,he confirmed that “Ek country thi diwani si” is the new chart buster in UAE for its music and pro democractic lyrics with rule of law music.Rulers of both the countries are also now bored and tired to every day declare different laws as per their mood for the same issues of their their la la land.

Joke of the day was the seriousness of the democratic proposal by leaders. They wanted their own Republic day song to be sung on their republic day. These rulers were cajoled by their expert bootlickers to follow their religious books. World’s Capitalism is the new western marijuana for these high seeking rulers. Modern day innocent angels who people call them as Capitalist have influenced these Aladins and Momo seekers to not have their Religious books as constitution. “They dont like R word”chirped one of the Aladins. Hence to find mid way path these rulers had to listen to Uncle Trump’s locker room talks.

Meanwhile, grandfather of Nepotism Karan Johar revsitied Parampara prathistha anthem of Mohabbatein and tweeted “ek country thi diwani si,ek constitution pe wo marti thi#celeberate republic day ,#bahut kuch hota hai#hop highs #peace.” He tagged Vicky kaushal and asking “how is the josh”.Vicky was already on a high with Uri tweeted Indian flag to remind about Dry day and avoid High adventures.

Trump on the other hand with, Iran bombings and hot babes in the hotel, was awake in the night tweeting about Mexico wall and tagged Narendra modi with the cryptic tweet ” i came, i tweeted and i slept,Jai Hind”. Syria and Iran have alerted their intelligence units to decipher what this twitter bomber actually wants at 2 am in the morning .

Twitter bird had to take 3 kgs of heavy dose of BOURNVITA to remain active for overload of emotions coming out for Indian Republic day song from twiter baratis ie twitteratis.Seems all of them are Ranbir and Karthik Aryan’s fan and taken ‘Shadi hai taiyaar hoke aiye’ thing too of them suggested Twitter bird to have few extra sips of beer to avoid hangovers of Bournavita.

Adnan Sami Song wins him Padma Bhushan

ATTACHMENT DETAILS adnan-sami-padma-bhusan-modi-political-satire

Satire:Adnan Sami Song Mujh ko bhi lift kara de ,is a hit song since 20 years ,has helped Non Pakistani Resident(NPR)of India win Padma Bhushan .His prayers for his upliftment has been asnwered by our government when he got Padma Bhushan.

He was bit sad though as he did not get dollars or pound originally requsted in LIFT song.He felt slightly left out as he was not given gold or diamonds as per the lyrics

Adnan thanked Modi for the award as Modi,who was himself lifted first as CM and now PM,was sure this lift song had a role in his increased career growth.

Modi felt that Adnan Sami and he has a cosmic LIFT connection when they met in lift.

Adnan Sami has been sourced from pakistan,modified in India only to be consumed around the world. Pakistan can actually look to be a china in world’s art and music industry by assembling such raw talents and exporting to the world. The erstwhile pakistani,Sami celebrated the news with few moves and steps on the viral tum toh thehre pardeshi ‘by altaf raza .

Pakistan government has announced 3 day national mourning for pain in pakistanis kidneys incurred by this Padma announcement for hit Adnan Sami Song.

Meanwhile,Justin Bieber tagged Ivanka ‘daddys girl’ Trump for Grammy Awards. He tweeted his own name for America’s Padma Bhushan to lead the world in globalised music industry.

Non Pakistani Resident of India, NPR’s wife twitted “Thank you for best wishes ,my fellow countrymen”. Pakistanis have not particularly liked it and reacted by eploding two bombs which just made foos foos sounds with green smoke.

Adnan did a KIRIT SOMAIYA when asked about his first reaction on hearing the news and his message to his erstwhile pakistani family. He just told “maine jabab de diya hai”

His song has lifted him finally and we hope that he keeps lifting people by many more such hits from world famous collections of Adnan Sami songs