Subramanian Swamy Corona Solution had Vedic Connection


Twitter bird went mad when ‘Dr Subramanian swamy corona cure’ started trending as he offered multiple Hindu cures directly taken from Vedas for corona virus .Dr swamy said he got this wisdom while dreaming in Mandarin,his favourite langauge.He has often quoted his sleepwalk sessions with President Xi on solving Indo China chowmein problems and supply of cheap momos  by China without custom clearances.

Subramanian swamy on twitter announced ” While i was sleeping in Rahul Gandhis’minds,a panda contacted me in my dreams. Since I am the only available source of knowledge as per UN Declarations, I concluded that this is the Kung Fu Panda. I could see same shades of hair and same number of eyes, legs ”

But Dr Swamy could smell that this Panda is talking in vedic english while pausing with chinese commas, punctuations. Our global hindu encylopedia of rationalism was clear this panda was grilled in past life and has been in company of bears. Hence ,he must be none other than Bear Grylls were his last thoughts as per his latest tweets.

Both shared their ‘wild’ life stories through their Man ki baat platform on many topics including vedic economics ,hindu cure and crush of their lives ,Modi. Dr swamy soon realising that time is limited. He immediately announced the following cure to end Corona.

  1. Don’t give too much of media attention to corona. It feeds on publicity and dies with rumours. Spread the news that corona is just a Chinese whispers.
  2. To curb the global impact, increase the taxes to 200% on everything from China.It may be a chinese gameplan to ruin world economy.
  3. Follow nationalist Donald Trump and build a 10 ft high wall across Himalayas to stop corona intrusion from Siachin route.
  4. Breathe looking west to avoid being recognised by Corona guys.
  5. No income tax for citizens in Budget.They will be busy with their lives with the news and corona will be out of mind.Look back to no.1 cure

Tweets are pouring in from across the galaxies for the enlightened wisdom only found in vedic Subramanian Swamy to find the panacea of asia by giving the world a hindu cure to chinese corona.

Kobe Bryant last game was not like eating Gobhi Satirical Tribute

Bryant kobe memoir social humour.j

Kobe Bryant last game of life was hard, much harder than eating Gobhi,indian cauliflower. kobe must have been a soft man much like Indian Gobhi He like all of us must have planned life with same surreal surity.Sometimes the sheer magnitude of unpredictability surprises our minds with its uncertainty.kobe played his last game of life without GAME being in his magical hands.

For someone in distant India with even a distant interest in Basketball , it is not surprising to actually not know the man for the impact he has on millions of life across america. He was rich ,famous,inspiration but this kid must have been under the shadows of his father.Few excel to replicate what their legend parents have acheived .But this muderfcker was not the one who would die any less rich and famous.

Besides being an inspiration to all colours of skins, this ‘nigga’ had the heart of a lion and tenderness of a deer.The high flyer as they called him flied high while he lived and literally in his death as well. He came, he flyied, he died. The born flyer even in his last game.

Sometimes you just feel for the people whom you dont know much in life in terms of who they were ,what they did in their life to be where they are . But , one relates to many such idiots who are intelligent enough to know that they are smart. He was only 99.99% similar colour,age as me but we missed being clones for that missing minor percentage.

Life is unpredictable but someday death will defeat its unpredictability. We might not be as lucky in life and unlucky in death like Bryant.

Thanks kobe for being BRYANT. personally i might have died knowing just Gobhi phonetially same as u but lacking your gentleness,greatness and surrealness.

You,actually were not an influence on me till your death. But Since you are such a big hard skinned nut, how would you have allowed me to not like you,be inspired by you.You did it not in your life but definately in your death and reinforced one more time. life is short ,time is limited ,live it before UNPREDICTability becomes really predictable for your death .

Thanks again for being whatever you were. Kobe Bryant last game will never be the last for his fans and humans. An ignorant soul 🙂