Donald Trump latest corona lie update I am immune

Donlad trump has a habit of making those LIES and both sided answers but this time it is something more.


Doland Trump of modi visited india once again in his dream to address his campaign guys 

Donald Trump was on India Visit during last week of Feburary .He did land In Ahemdabad to do beautiful deals for his friend Modi . Thats why whom Trump has already ISO9000 Certified as good friend.

Donald trump remembers india on corona virus task force

 The critical  mission for Trump during India visit was doing a  one day crash course in Kem Cho institute of Maja ma to properly pronounce Kem cho in Indian Gujrati.

In last few meetings in USA,Trump spelled the doom by spelling kem Cho as ‘came cho’ and audience panicked.American Gujjus

While some chinese friends thought he was discussing about some North Korean virus derived from Corona.

Funny Trump intended to practice newly learnt kem cho in front of 100 Mn  Gujaratis.

Because the TRUMP adminsitration believed that kem cho in India will make him perfect American friend of Gujarati to get their Fafadas and Theplas back home in US.

Trump wittily intends to give few tricks of baseball to his Gujarati friends

a planned standup comedy show in the newly built largest stadium of the world as part of INDO-US trade could not happen deal. But the shows were cancelled as Trump thought he is the art and athe artist

Trump orders Hydorxy chloroquine from his Friend Modi

After a few white jokes there is programme for recitations of few shloka ( sanskrit rhymes) of Chanakya Niti on how to rule america .

But Gujjus again started clapping with half theplas in their mouth.

Because Modi is a master planner, he plans so well that the breathing rate also is decided to check corona particles.

Also, audience were checked at the entry gate of the stadium to see their fitment.

Government officials have confirmed about  dhoti wearing ceremony in evening for nationalist Trump. Trump had shared with Modi about his childhood dream of wearing dhoti and chewing Paan leaves wearing dhoti

With beetle leaves in his mouth he performed on Beetle songs ,rapping with Bollywood Pag ghunghru to enthral the audience.

Trump defeats lady gaga in india 2020 tournament

Indians did not miss lady gaga as President gaga them with his beautiful ,best voice America has ever produced.

PMO officials in formerly also informed about about Melania Trump desire to meet Ekta Kapoor ,Netflix of Indian serials .

Because Melania wanted to confirm if Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi is is an Indian myth or is actually a creation by the Goddess herself.

Donald Trump ironically has already declared his India visit as historic and successful.

Trump India Visit satire and Ire modi government

Donald Trump,POTUS ,the man seems to be in great hurry to garner more attention despite all the attention tsunami which he is flooded with due to his title of USA.

Some kids are born with the overdose of attention ,being right in every possibility of their imagination. This kid is just a 73 years old man.

Kid bullies when he gets attention to put his opposition down. He bullies left when they are right, bullies right when he is wrong.

He bullys the bullies fully knowing that he is the REAL BULLY just like his twitter account. The man is BullyBoy of America.

He just feeds on attention from across the globe. He has only one challenger from the other side of the earth. His ISO 9001 certified Friend Modi.

Modi is the man who knows exactly what his brother Trump is upto . They both fit into each others arms to give mere mortals hollywood emotions of perfect Hug buddies.

Trump often jokes Modi

Chinese Pandas have requested some coaching classes to improve their hug performance. But both guys are too similar in their apporach of dealing with ‘other’ buddies and questioning teachers .

They are into an alliance of mutual back scratches. Indian showcases Trump’s friendship as Jai power of India sharing diases with the mightiest Veeru of World.

Indigenous species are hashished by such visuals assuming India is just there on the cusp of american supremacy.

American gives nothing except for good words of friendship,love ,camardarie and social media appreciation.He uses his best friend popularity and his country’s population as a platform.

These hugs and friendship love helps Trump in LOOKING democratic in photos for the democratic americans. Thereby It makes him acceptable man across the world as the American leader in eyes of White Americans .

This thereby helps him pitch for some decider votes from Indian americans,just in case they are needed.

Good times for the septuagenarian Wonders. Long will live Great America to make India a Vishwaguru.

Donald Trump is best when he knows he is the best.

Hence, Welcome Donald Trump to your buddy’s land of India.